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Toronto's Newest Pro-Israel Leader Not Shying Away From Her Haters

Only days after a small clique of protesters tried to sour the Israel Day Festival in Toronto, Herut Canada's Lauren Issacs got to return the favour at an "anti-Deal of the Century" anti-Israel rally on Saturday.

Issacs, newly installed as Director in the city with the largest Jewish population in the country, has wasted no time in establishing her credentials as an "unapologetic Zionist".

She garnered worldwide attention - and death threats from antisemites - after her trip to Israel was capped off by her posing with a Herut flag derivitive of the flag of Israel, in front of the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.

Her action was after being told to leave her prayer book and religious ring behind when she tried to visit on a Shavuot holy day, saying was "DISCRIMINATION, INTOLERANCE, and ANTISEMITISM in its most transparent form."

"Where else in Israel are people banned because of their religion? Where else in Israel are religious freedoms restricted? Why is the holiest site for Jewish people governed by Muslims? And why is it the only location in the entire country that bans non-Muslims from being there? Did someone say APARTHEID?!?" Since then, Jew-haters have had her name on their lips.

Outside Israel Fest on June 23, groups like CD4HR gathered in front of Promenade Mall to chant 'Free Free Palestine' and even had their paradoxical ally, the bizarre Jewish cult Neturei Karta, produce a "Rabbi" to decry Israel's tolerance for the LGBTQ community "and prayed for the earliest dismantlement of the regime".

Toronto police seemed somewhat warier of the protesters this time around after the hate-filled antics of antisemites and Islamists at Al Quds Day on June 1.

"We went to remind them of the global resistance and that they can't get away with celebrating war crimes in #Canada."

Next, CD4HR, with Canadians For Palestine, Toronto BDS and other Palestinian groups scheduled a protest of "Deal of the Century" in Bahrain and "standing up for Palestinian rights against the occupation" outside the US Consulate in downtown Toronto on June 29.

Ignoring the characteristic reluctance of Canadian Jewish community bodies to engage in countering antisemites and BDS advocates on Shabbat, Herut took a different approach. Isaacs rallied supporters to join "fellow Zionists flying Israeli flags, standing up for Israel, dispelling the myths and lies about Israel."

While the pro-Palestinian mix of far left/Islamist/Marxists gathered together only about 3 dozen antisemites, a small loud contingent led by Isaacs got under their skin as described on Facebook by the favorite legal beagle of the anti-Israel crowd in Eastern Canada, Dimitri Lascaris.

"On June 11, York University student Lauren Isaacs offended Muslims by unfurling a banner of the racist Israeli political party Herut in front of Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam."

"Today, Isaacs appeared at a protest in Toronto against Donald Trump's unconscionable "deal of the century." Using a bull-horn, Isaacs repeatedly smeared the protesters - who included a Holocaust survivor and other Jewish human rights activists - as "terrorist-loving animals." Isaacs was wearing a T-shirt from the violent, far-right and Islamophobic Jewish Defence League."

In reaction to the post, she responded to Lascaris "I'm flattered to be featured on your page. Wow. A dream come true. Also... it was an IDF T-shirt. Nice try."

World Herut emphasizes “the Jewish people’s right to live securely and freely in its ancient homeland.” It has a youth arm, World Magshimey Herut, which “educates young adults throughout the world towards Jewish pride, activist Zionism, and love for Israel.”

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