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Toronto K-Restaurant Threatened With "Shoot Up" As Florida Man Shot At Synagogue

As reported by The Documentation Project:Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel Campaigns in Canada a Kosher restaurant in Toronto was on the receiving end of a distinct threat that is not being handled as a prank call:

"According to the owner of the restaurant, an unidentified caller asked to place an order for a gathering on Tuesday night (July 29, 2019) to honour the German Nazi party and said that they are going to shoot up the place when it will be full of Jews. The owner of the restaurant reported the threats to the Police."

The threat was first disclosed by Meir Weinstein on his Facebook account. He would not name the facility to protect the owners.

Weinstein has seen his Jewish Defence League brought to the forefront of fighting antisemitism and extremist intimidation in Toronto in the last few months while the local Jewish Federation has transitioned "primary management responsibility for security-related activities in the GTA (from) the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA)". In the FB discussion thread, he referenced a shooting outside a synagogue Sunday evening in Florida.

The shooting came after recent ambushes at two synagogues, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Poway, California, that resulted in a total of 12 deaths and 9 injured.

An Orthodox worshipper at Young Israel of North Miami Beach was wounded by 4 shots before Mincha (evening prayers) and was rushed to Aventura Medical Center where he was listed in stable condition.

Yeshiva World identified the victim as Yosef Noach ben Leah Tzivyah but sources were unclear about his age, ranging from 55 to 69. Miami-Dade police said a black Impala went around the block twice and then the driver got out and took aim with 6 shots in total.

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