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Rise In Antisemitism To Be Addressed By Herut's Lauren Isaacs - Join Us Thursday Night In Winnipeg

The inaugural public event of will take place Thursday evening at the River Heights Community Centre at 7 pm. With our partner, the Winnipeg Jewish Business Council, we will be hosting Lauren Isaacs of Herut Canada for her presentation on "The State Of Jewish Hate: How Jewish Progressive Activists Fuel Modern Day Antisemitism".

Isaacs, who has emerged as a leader of the pro-Israel community in Canada since her appointment as Director of Herut Canada in April, will be speaking about on-the-ground experiences confronting antisemitism at public rallies and on campuses, and the nature of those movements across Canada.

An important aspect behind the troubling emergence of antisemitism in public discourse and the media, has been a small but vocal segment within the far-left of the political spectrum who identify as Jewish. Isaccs will explain how they function as a fig-leaf that provides cover for anti-Semites to drape their Jew-hate rhetoric as merely political disagreement with the Israeli government policies or the principles of Zionism.

The presentation and subsequent discussion will be preceded by a brief memorial ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of the murder of 85 people in a terrorist bombing on the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina building in Buenos Aires in 1994. The Community Centre at 1370 Grosvenor Ave. has ample parking and easy access for those with disablilities and our elders. has made arrangements with a former IDF veteran to provide a security presence at the venue, as a pilot project towards the creation of a grassroots Jewish community watch program in River Heights. Donations towards the costs of the event can be made immediately following the event.