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Rebel Reporter In No Way A Neo-Nazi

Individuals who initially expressed no interest in the Rally Against AntiSemitism suddenly became a lot more interested because a reporter from Rebel Media had come into Winnipeg to cover the controversy about the Social Planning Council giving antisemite Linda Sarsour a platform at a historic communist hall in the North End.

Before the event, accusations about the reporter, Keean Bexte, having past working associations with antisemitic and white supremacist characters were circulated from the left margin of social media. As had provided some logistical guidance for him and had been interviewed by the reporter about the BerMax criminal charges, publisher Ron East addressed the allegations directly with him:

"I spoke with Keean and pressed him on that aspect of his work history and beliefs. In no way did he espouse any beliefs that would be considered anti-Semitic or anti-Israel or any racist views whatsoever. His conduct as an investigative reporter at the rally was polite, professional and not provocative, as evidenced by this blog post from a reporter who was at the scene. He detailed not only the very proper behavior of our participants, but of how Keean was actively harassed by Sarsour supporters that night in trying to do his job and cover the event. The link is "

A person connected to the Rebel Media offered the following: 

"Keean is a Zionist. He's in no way a neo-Nazi. We have zero tolerance for anti-Semites." 

"Keean's coverage from Winnipeg speaks for itself. He went there looking for the truth and he treated the pro-Israel, pro Jewish community protesters more fairly than anybody in the mainstream media. Not the reporting of a Nazi, that's for sure. "

Slinging the term "neo-Nazi" at commentators and media platforms whose content you disagree with has become a recurring smear tactic of the radical left and diminishes the fight against true enemies of the life and liberty of Jews, Israel and supporters. Keean demonstrated he is an ally to the Jewish people and the State of Israel, and his reporting on the scene in Winnipeg is a welcome addition to the national scene.

No further statement will be made by about this subject.