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RCMP Takes Complaint About Hate Crime Threat To Crown

An investigation by RCMP into the online activities of a suspected neo-Nazi sympathizer with ties to radical Islamists has been referred to the Crown for possible charges, has learned.

Exposing antisemitism across Canada is a core mission of

The online material was brought to the attention of RCMP when comments threatening violence towards Jewish individuals was made by an Alberta man.

Further examination revealed a history of expressing hateful antisemetic and anti-Israel views, from a neo-Nazi slant. He has also been linked to Islamists in Toronto with similar views and harassing behaviors.

In some instances the comments being investigated were made last year but were not acted upon by the suspect, prompting police investigators to refer the file to a federal prosecutor for review. They have been tasked with determining if the time lapse would negate bringing charges under the Criminal Code forward. will continue to follow this story. provides Jewish Journalism that is sharp, informative and topical.

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Our publisher Ron East recently presented a lecture about the urgent need for local Jewish community leaders to more actively step towards exposing antisemitic activity - especially that found online - as we reported in this story.

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