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New York Times Reply To Complaint About Antisemetic Cartoon Lacking

It took a couple of days but the New York Times actually responded to a reader who vowed not to subscribe again, after the International edition published a horrid caricature of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a dog leash leading a 'blind' US President Donald Trump last week.

That the vicious nature of the syndicated cartoon escaped all vetting protocols in their editorial department, caused a public uproar the newspaper has yet to quell.

Their commitment "to making sure we don't repeat a serious mistake like this again" has not inspired public confidence given the onslaught of anti-Israel content in the publication.

An internal memo from publisher A.G. Sulzberger claimed he is “taking disciplinary steps with the production editor who selected the cartoon for publication” and will be “updating our unconscious bias training to ensure it includes a direct focus on anti-Semitism.” But the Times will not identify the editor it says is to blame, explain what structural changes the newspaper intends to implement in addition to sensitivity training, or promise to make available to the public findings of their internal investigation such as emails, text messages, and interview transcripts. Transparency