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More Cracks In BerMax Hoax Defence

TheJ.Ca has confirmed via a second reliable source that BerMax Caffe + Bistro has surveiilance cameras installed inside the establishment. We had previously confirmed that those cameras were apparently operational as of the evening before an assault and vandalism the police are now claiming was an inside job.

It is not known if the cameras were working the following day, Thursday, when the supposed attack took place. Such footage would normally have been reviewed by investigators at the earliest stage.

The restaurant operator, Maxim Berent, had reportedly said that he had not installed any cameras, despite repeated anti-semitic vandalism, due to a high cost. Such evidence would be vital to his assertion an intruder knocked his mother out inside the restaurant before damaging the building.

Meanwhile, the owner of the strip mall where BerMax Cafe is located - (who is not related to the family) - has not been able to access the Cafe to assess damages to the interior, walls, floors, and fixtures. Despite repeated attempts, she hasn’t been able to get a hold of the Berents as of Thursday afternoon, almost a full week since 911 was called to her property.

The Berents have been very occupied since Tuesday, when they claim to have spent 11 hours in police interrogation without a lawyer present. Following police laying mischief charges against Maxim and his parents the next day, son and mother proclaimed their innocence to CBC and The Jewish Post in separate interviews, that spanned hours of sometimes contradictory or incomplete new details.

As was learned during the appearance of editor Marty Gold on the CJOB morning program at 8.05 AM Thursday, Global media had been unable to get an interview with the Berents. Late today, a commitment to be interviewed by after Passover was received.

During the interview on CJOB, which was spurred by an online comment attributed to one of their newscasters saying the charges were total surprise, Gold explained that the mainstream media needs to find allies within the ethnic press in order to properly assess the many nuances of stories such as these. His concluding illustration was that The J had already delved into notable financial troubles of the Berent family enterprises, while MSM was stumbling .

By the end of the news day, all news platforms had followed our lead, with a number repeating our initial reporting about a debt to the Federal Business Development Bank, and civil litigation stemming from a condominium project. Those two cases were first revealed in Gold's appearance on The Gunn Show with host Sheila Gunn Reid on TheRebel.TV.