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  • Marty Gold

Mayor Bowman denounces Linda Sarsour; update on BerMax graffiti

One of the Nazi swatikas that was spraypainted inside the Be'TLV gay club space adjacent to the BerMax cafe

The apparent rise of antisemitism and the influx of anti-Israel, pro-BDS figureheads dominated a fast-moving news day, and Publisher Ron East joined Editor Marty Gold at the crime scene in River Heights to update both issues in the inaugural J-Matters Video Alert.

Watch them discuss:

* why Mayor Bowman entered into the fray with the sponsors of Sarsour's scheduled Social Planning Council/Muslim Women's Institute panel appearance in the final week;

* the unacknowledged role of the 4000+ strong petition Ron East started that got opposition rolling to the radical views of Sarsour being given a platform;

* the contradictions between what the Social Planning Council said to the media and what they supposedly told the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg; and

* an in-person assessment of the damage and antisemitic spray painting inside the LGBTQ offices adjacent to the BerMax Cafe that was attacked last week.

More media coverage tomorrow evening as TheJ.Ca is interviewed by a national media platform about our origins and our work to defend the community and expose antisemitism. Plus, how you can help support our growing platform and news coverage!