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Linda Sarsour, Rattled By Winnipeg Opposition, Flails Away In Antisemitic Ways

The biggest fear last week of Jewish community members of Winnipeg, from all sides of the political and religious spectrum, was that the hoax of an antisemitic attack at BerMax Caffe police say they uncovered, would be weaponized by Jew-haters.

Lagging second on their list, was that Pro-BDS Brooklyn radical Linda Sarsour would inflame the Jew-hate that simmers within small circles of pro-BDS, pro-Palestinian, Marx-spouting cliques in Winnipeg like the Social Planning Council that she was to address at a Ukranian Labour Temple panel.

That biggest fear was fulfilled in spades even before Linda Sarsour arrived in Winnipeg to do the panel on activism Friday night - by none other than Linda Sarsour herself, who seemingly simply had to take the top spot because facts wil never get in the way of her faux victimhood.

In a post to Twitter on Thursday afternoon, she of course first slapped the "right-wing Zionist" label on those who "have been going after me in Winnipeg" for not wanting her divisive US -style rhetoric to be injected into the community. Never mind the opponents in Canada do not fit her US-style definitions of what is left and right wing. Within 4 sentences, Sarsour shifted to claim her then- impending visit had been getting blamed for the BerMax "hate crime".

"They were like -SEE".

Well, except for the fact "they" don't exist.

No one we could find had connected Sarsour or a branch of her followers to the mayhem inside the Caffe.

For one thing, Jews are smart enough to recognize the defacement on the BerMax property was in line with the actions of a Nazi admirer, with swastikas and the word "Jew". The absence of any graffiti calling out "Free Palestine" or "Gaza Under Siege" was pretty much a dead giveaway this had no link real or imaginary to Islamists. But Sarsour decided that ignoring the truth was acceptable, in order to portray her as a victim of unfair accusations. It is more suited to her narrative.

Linda Sarsour showed her true colours. Somebody who wasn't looking to be divisive would never have brought Bermax Caffe up. What does it have to do with activism? With the Palestinian cause? Nothing. Someone who wasn't an antisemite, who wasn't looking to spread false claims, would have ignored the incident, instead of putting themselves in the middle of it.

The new form of simmering antisemitic hate, modern, subtle, is distributed in 180 characters or less online. Sarsour is an expert.

Sarsour also made comments online and at the panel about the Rally Against Antisemitism participants across from the communist hall. It was a "Manufactured controversy" by them, as though she never hugged a convicted terrorist murderer of Jewish students or lavished admiration for Louis Farrakhan .

While she proclaimed the event was "sold out", local media seemed not to notice or tell her tickets were being distributed for free an hour before the event at the Meet Me At The Bell Tower weekly rally one street over. Or that free tickets were offered on the sidewalk outside the hall right up to showtime.

But Sarsour, always a class act, didn't stop at trying to demean the Jewish community and its supporters - she went after Mayor Brian Bowman, who opposed the Social Planning Council giving her a platform “to further propagate anti-Semitic views and hate.”

"I've been targeted by the son of the president of the United States of America, so I think I can take a little mayor from Winnipeg."

(Imagine if she was called "a little activist from Brooklyn"?)

CBC reported she suggested Bowman should hear the views of local Palestinian groups: "For him to make an uninformed decision just based on one group`s pressure, or based on one individual, a few individuals, is not the sign of good leadership, in my opinion," she said.

Well, it was over 4200 individuals and groups that included Christian group Bridges For Peace and Christians United For Israel, and Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre, who the Mayor listened to. Not that the media challenged her "facts".

Having painted Bowman, of all people, as having a closed door to the Winnipeg Muslim community, she threw a second race card at him: “But to blame a woman of colour, a mother, an organizer in the United States, for me, is beyond the pale,” Bowman has a declared a Metis heritage, but perhaps to Sarsour he's still 'too white'. And a male.

In the panel, Sarsour dared not utter a public peep about Israel, after claiming she would not be silenced on the subject. She also did not speak of how the most powerful female politician in Manitoba, has denounced her as an antisemite in far more direct terms than did Mayor Bowman.

Not that the media in Winnipeg told the community about it either. A Google News search strikes not one news report hit on the announcement by MLA Heather Stefanson, the Deputy Premier and her words about Sarsour.

The only outlet to cover the Stefanson statement, was .

Rest assured Sarsour's ground crew in Winnipeg - like new media darling Harold Shuster of Independent Jewish Voices, an organization whose very far left wing political views and mainfestos are supported by about 3% of the Jewish population of North America - were made acutely aware of Stefanson's support for Jews and Israel.

No one should forget, that to the CBC, Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg Sun, and other media, Deputy Premier Heather Stefanson was to be ignored. That the "sold out crowd" being bolstered by free tickets, was to be ignored. That the small group at the Rally represented over 4200 people, was to be ignored.

The media also didn't report, that by the end of the panel Sarsour directly denied ever meeting Farakhan, whose Jew hate is in the Hall of Fame.

Three hundred people, according to the media were laughing and having a great time with Linda Sarsour. Let's not lose sight of what is not being reported outside the Jewish media, and about who.