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  • Marty Gold

Lesson Delivered: Left-wing Jewish Activists Propping Up Antisemitism and Israel-Haters

Lauren Isaacs wowed an engaged crowd last Thursday with her illustrations and descriptions of far-left and marxist "progressive" organizations that use their "Jewish" identity to normalize the antisemitism of their anti-Israel allies. hosted the 23 year old for our first public event and it drew a wide audience online.

The Director of Herut Canada in Toronto, Isaacs told an audience of about 40 people in the Jewish neighborhood of River Heights that the safety and security of Jewish communities across the western world is compromised by radicals who align their propaganda with the distorted version of history advanced by Islamists and terrorist leaders in the Middle East. The propaganda, which she labeled "The New Threat", includes characterizing Israel as "an apartheid state", "colonizers", and human rights abusers - and she also disputes the legitimacy of the term "West Bank".

Their warped talking points echo the regimes of Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, which are never criticized by so-called progressive activists for repeating jihadist calls for violent death and eradication of all Jews and Zionists.

The Jewish population in Winnipeg has only recently begun to recognize the influence of such enemies from within, with most first finding out about the phenomena after I exposed the infiltration of Limmud Winnipeg by IfNotNow promoters (who in at least 2 cases, were employed by the Jewish Federation.)

This past winter Limmud tried to sneak a leader of the US-based INN group, Lex Rofeberg, past community leaders and sponsors as a suitable guest speaker for Shabbat Across Winnipeg.

The pro-Israel members of the 3 sponsoring synagogues, as well as donors to the Federation, made their objections loud and clear about Rofeberg's statements such as "BDS is FREE SPEECH" and "Zionist students don't need safe spaces".

IfNotNow was one of many listed by Isaacs as "Self-Hating Jewish groups" along with Americans For Peace Now, Partners For Progressive Israel, J Street/JSpace, and the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network. Mostly these are campus-oriented collectives that act as 'fig-leafs' to conceal the antisemitism behind BDS boycotts of Israel.

Isaacs, an "unapologetic Zionist", also focused briefly on the local scene and the role of Independent Jewish Voices.

Most recently IJV opposed Canada adopting a definition of antisemitism that put them offside due to the language and tactics they use and endorse. The collection of fringe Marxists agitators (not all Jewish) regularly gets ink and broadcast time in support of Linda Sarsour and other antisemites under the guise of 'balanced journalism', despite the motley bunch of agitators amounting to, at best, 2% of the Jewish population of the city. The failure of community leaders to counter the disproportionate credibility that local Israel-hating misfits receive from sympathetic reporters was also debated at the session.

A far-ranging discussion with the audience afterwards revealed that the sense of growing and active antisemitism is a pressing concern in our neighborhoods.

In particular, younger Jewish attendees expressed a great anxiousness about being confronted with strident antisemitic and anti-Israel barbs and labels and not having the depth of knowledge to refute the verbal assaults - which, one girl said, had escalated to physical threats as well.

To view the video of Lauren's presentation and the Q & A, which runs about 1H 45M, please click here:

This public event with Herut Canada was the first of many events we at have planned. Our work as the only pro-Zionist media platform in Canada is begining to receive international attention.

The costs of this event and other aspects of this platform have been self-funded by Publisher Ron East; similarly, news and editorial research and writing has been provided by Marty Gold on a similar basis. Our Jewish Journalism is unique, insightful and unmatched in Canada.

If you are one of the 1500 who watched the video of the presentation and see the value of the work we are doing to fight antisemitism and anti-Israel actors, please contact us - via this page you can donate or perhaps you would like to engage in an advertising campaign. If you have a service or skill set that will help us control costs and expand our platform, we would be glad to speak with you about those details. AM ISRAEL CHAI