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Jewish Factory In London Smeared With Swastika

A Jewish candidate for the Brexit Party in England was targeted by antisemites this week.

"Just returned from a business trip in the US to a call from my factory, that someone had done this!!" wrote Lance Forman on Twitter on May 8th. " A totally sick act. My father is a Holocaust survivor who fled the Nazis and came to the U.K. after the war. My great grandad and founder of Formans fled Antisemitic pogroms too."

A 30 ft. swastika was spraypainted onto the wall under the company logo at the factory in Hackney Wick.

His father languished in a Siberian prison camp as a child and has worked with the Holocaust Educational Trust. The constabulary are examining Closed Circuit footage and are investigating the incident as a race crime.

Forman continued, "If this is to do with me standing for @brexitparty_uk people live in a topsy-turvy world. London Brexit Party candidates are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Hindu, Baha’i -no Party is as diverse. The one thing we all passionately have in common is our belief in democracy."

The Board of Deputies of British Jews condemned the incident. “Awful to see that a Jewish political candidate has had a swastika painted at his workplace,” a board spokesperson wrote on Twitter.

The H Forman & Son salmon smokehouse was established by his great-grandfather after fleeing pogroms in Russia in 1905, and is a well known enterprise as the last survivor of an East End tradition of fish curing. It has become a diversified , supplying luxury foodstuffs to top restaurant chefs, as well as to private kitchens via an online grocery business, Forman & Field.

The business was at the centre of a heated dispute prior to the 2012 Olympics when the International Olympic Committee and London organizers wanted to demolish the previous facility for a new stadium. That ordeal was detailed in his book "Forman's Games: The Dark Underside of the London Olympics".

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