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  • Marty Gold

Israel-Haters Try To Intimidate NBA Champion Raptors

The BDS activists who can't accept the existence of a Jewish state turned their vile hate against the owner of the Toronto Raptors and his players, even before they took the National Basketball Association title from the Golden Sate Warriors in a 114-110 victory.

Once the Raptors proved to be evenly matched with the defending champions, the madcap anti-Israel activists began issuing online calls for star player Danny Green to be pressured via Twitter for having an endorsement deal with Puma.

The BDS movement had long targeted Puma as the main sponsor of the Israel Football Association (IFA) "which includes teams in Israel’s illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land".

As the Raptors commenced to take control of the best of 7 game series, the hate-Israel crowd shifted their ire to the team itself when they learned Israel’s Sport 5 reported last week that co-owner Larry Tanenbaum told several people he met during a trip to israel in April that “If we win the NBA championship, I will come with the Toronto Raptors to visit the Holy Land.”

The moderator of a Facebook group called Calgary Muslims, Fareed Khan, exhorted "All Muslims who are Raptors fans" to pester Kawhi Leonard and other players with links to stories attacking Israel as an Apartheid regime "and ask them to boycott any trip by the Raptors to Israel!."

In the hours before they took to the court in Oakland for the sixth and final game, the Canadian BDS Coalition told its members: "Let Toronto Raptors know that supporting war crimes, apartheid, genocide, and settler-colonization is not what their fans expect. #BDS "

One Raptor fan with symptoms of BDS-derangement posted on Twitter after the win, "Nah, the minute Raptor posts a picture chillin with the trophy in Israel, I’m no longer a Raptors fan. Real talk." A leader of the far-left 'Just Peace Advocates' exclaimed, "Get ready for massive #BDS campaign. Don't go to the zionist state".

Meanwhile, the Israeli embassy in Canada had already signaled their role in a victory tour: " .@Raptors, we'll call you first thing tomorrow morning to help with the arrangements!"

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