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Funds Stolen From LBGQ Organization’s Cashbox During BerMax Caffe + Bistro Incident

Swastika spraypainted onto the Be'TLV logo; is this being investigated as a hate crime?

Did an actual robbery from Be’TLV’s office space happen at Bermax?

Late breaking developments in the BerMax Cafe + Bistro investigation.

TheJ.Ca has learned that several hundred dollars went missing from the Be’TLV cash box during the alleged staged robbery and Antisemitic hate crime at BerMax Cafe + Bistro.

A spokesperson with the pro Israel, LBGQ organization has confirmed to TheJ.Ca that the group has reviewed its bank account statements and collected evidence.

The spokesperson also confirmed that they will be filing a complaint with the Winnipeg Police Service later today (Sunday).

Police already charged restaurant operator Maxim Berent and his parents with mischief for filing false reports that outside parties invaded their facility.

This is just the latest twist in what has already been a very bizarre and troubling story.