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Federation, Prof. Chatterley Endorse Local Grassroots Pro-Israel Movement

A significant validation of the stand taken by pro-Israel activists against the entry of anti-Zionist radical American speakers into our community, came from two high-level sources this weekend.

On Friday, the CEO of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, Elaine Goldstine, addressed the recent upheaval caused by these characters and landed squarely in agreement with the point of view of over 4000 signatories to the petition started by Ron East, publisher of - Linda Sarsour is an antisemite, period.

As we previously described, Goldstine approaches "evolving and tense situations" by:

"(acting) diplomatically in order to achieve what we believe is in the best interest of our community. Sometimes, it is necessary to take action behind the scenes." Assuring donors that while "no decision or stance that we take publicly is done without conducting careful research, hearing alternative perspectives, and thoughtfully weighing all options ... Some decisions are easier than others ... ".

Citing "the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg’s (SPCW) and the Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute’s (CMWI) intention to have Linda Sarsour speak" as a clear example of an easy decision, Federation "will continue to take action against those who make public, on-record statements that are antisemitic who appear in our community."

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Holocaust educator Prof. Catherine Chatterley boosted that position:

"The general sentiment that Winnipeg should not play host to demagogues that are divisive and hateful toward a group of people is morally sound and good public policy, especially in a city supposedly devoted to the equal application of human and civil rights."

In a blog contribution to The Time of Israel entitled Faked Hate Crimes, Antisemitism, and Linda Sarsour, Chatterley lauded the grassroots for "Peacefully protesting and making the community’s concerns known about the remarks made by this speaker", a "legitimate right of Canadians that was executed successfully by members of the Jewish community."

She added "Perhaps now the Social Planning Council might research Sarsour’s remarks—particularly those about other women that even include threats of violence—and revisit the mistaken idea that Sarsour is a peaceful bridge-builder between different communities and a good advisor."

So much for the bleating of the shtetl newspaper assailing Mayor Brian Bowman, Deputy Premier Heather Stefanson, the Federation, B'nai Brith, the rally participants et al that "what happened in the case of Linda Sarsour and how she was vilified (by them) succumbing to pressure from certain individuals { ie - ed. } should be regarded as an embarassment by our community."

That screed was the crescendo of a fake news campaign about the Sarsour visit and, if anything, should be an embarassment to the proponents, who would try to convince the mainstream media and general community that American-based (and other) antisemites and BDS leaders have a legitimate place in our public square.

Pro-Sarsour, far-left Jewish media described this gathering representing 4200 Zionists as "an embarassment". The Jewish Federation and Prof. Chatterley disagree.

As the Federation noted "We are a community with diverse ideas and a variety of perspectives on specific issues, and there are many who are passionate about their viewpoints."

As Chatterley concluded, "it was a challenging couple of weeks but not without victories and positive revelations".

It is apparent the thoughtful thousands of victorious pro-Israel voices - who have spoken out passionately since February (earning the agreement of the Federation) against the notion Hamas sympathizers like Sarsour and IfNotNow leader Lex Rofeberg are acceptable speakers in our city - dwarf in credibility the far-left Jewish media and 300 Marxists who support platforming pro-BDS Israel-haters. will continue to lead the way with our news coverage about antisemites and anti-Zionists in our city and are joined with the Jewish Federation, Prof. Chatterley, pro-Israel institutions, and the community grassroots, as Defenders of Israel.