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Deleted Toronto BDS Video "Tell COSTCO To Stop Buying Products From Israel"

For the past few months, BDS propaganda stickers have been slapped onto merchandise at No Frills stores in Toronto - contrary to federal law - to identify food and other products originating from Israel. The backers of that campaign have not yet been identified or charged, and pro-BDS tactics in the region are expanding.

This week, as part of an ongoing documentation project of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, a video surfaced - since deleted from YouTube - of a child pointing out Israeli products in a Costco store telling Canadians " [Products] like this, don’t buy, you know why? Because it is made of Israel [اسرائيل]. You shouldn’t buy products of Israel [اسرائيل], because Israel [اسرائيل] is killing the children and women in Palestine and occupying the Palestinian land. We urge COSTCO to stop selling products of Israel."

The video was uploaded on May 6, 2019 on Toronto BDSAction YouTube Channel.

For more information about that group and the video, see

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