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  • Marty Gold

Copycat Behind Circulation Of Antisemitic Fax To Winnipeg Lawyers And Public Officials

As I reported exclusively yesterday, Shomrim Winnipeg was alerted last Friday of an antisemitic fax received by numerous law offices that attacked the professional and personal activities and reputations of 11 lawyers and 4 others, all male members of the Winnipeg Jewish community.

Within minutes of Shomrim founder Ron East publishing an incident report on Facebook before my column was published, shocking background information and tips poured in.

I have pieced together a timeline based on the most current information, acquired from Jewish organizations, community members, and sources at City Hall. And although it is still disturbing and beyond question, and was intended to sow distrust and discord towards affluent Jews in the city, the background to the fax features some bizarre twists.

* A major Jewish organization reported: "A few weeks ago our VP seemed to confirm that the version we received was the same one that his friend received from xxx's email address."

That version, entitled $hitler's List 2019, was addressed "Attention: Managing Partner", and attacked 12 of the same men named in the 2020 version - which added 3 more (Jewish) targets for hatred, 2 of whom are lawyers. I am in possession of that document and will not be publishing the contents, as it is as vile as the 2020 fax I acquired and did not publish.

* Complaints (about 10) were received by a Jewish human rights organization starting at least 3 days prior to Shomrim being alerted by a relative of a very upset, senior local attorney.

* Within 2 hours of that alert to East, an email from the same, identifiable address cited by the major organization mentioned above, was sent to at least 4 Winnipeg City Councilors, including one who identifies as Jewish.

The email, which contained the defamatory fax as an attachment, focused on the role in civic affairs of one of the targets. It is not yet confirmed how many other public officials of the City, or Province, received the document.

* Although the two documents resemble a 2013 circular that was severely sanctioned by the court as defamatory, evidence points to a different individual as being the author, who adapted the same antisemitic format for their own malicious purposes.

* That individual has had numerous brushes with government and court officials. They are known to be an outcast from the Jewish community due to prior confrontational incidents.

* It appears that the identification of the suspect as Jewish led to police to decline, for the second time in a year, to lay hate crime charges for antisemitic activity as an alleged perpetrator, being a member of the Jewish community, cannot (in the view of police) self-inflict a hate crime on their own people.

East, who is publisher of, says his Shomrim organization "will rally the community to urge Winnipeg police to recognize that suspects identified as Jewish, whether from the extreme progressive left, far-right, religious, or anti-Zionist BDS, cannot be allowed to spread or leverage ad hominum attacks as a means to cover-up their criminal activities or settle perceived grudges against respected Jewish professionals and public figures."

"This behavior can provoke known antisemites to spread their hate and endanger the safety of our community members and institutions - and must be deterred."

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