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Bulletin On Toronto Al Quds; Exclusive Front Line Report To Follow

Toronto police are at the centre of questions after an unlicensed Al Quds Day hate march launched at the US Consulate as pro Israel advocates were segregated away from the action.

Our publisher, Ron East, who is the founder of the Israeli Association of Manitoba, attended the march and will be filing a report upon his return. While recording video of the antisemeitic and genocidal chants and signage and observing police activities, he spoke with Sue Ann Levy, whose column in the Toronto Sun well describes the scene.

David Menzies of The Rebel Media, standing on the sidewalk, tried to interview AL Quds marchers despite organizers giving out flyers warning them not to

"Observers who’d attended in previous years said the Al Quds numbers were down ( to 500).

But their script was the same, including a large number of children looking to be younger than 10 brandishing hateful placards — manufactured and provided to the crowd — that called Israel an “apartheid state,” urged boycotts of Israel, pictured bloodied children and made outrageous claims such as “Israel kills one Palestinian child every 60 hours for the past 14 years.”

On Twitter, Levy raised a major concern that city hall has to address: "Now the question for Mayor John Tory is, how much are taxpayers paying for 100+ cops to stand around, look important, corral a few Jewish anti-protesters and essentially do nothing more."

The Canadian blog Blazing Cat Fur illustrated an extraordinarily vile poster that was paraded at the march - while Toronto police stood by and watched - but wasn't exactly sure what the language used meant.

"I have no idea what “hayder” refers to. Can anyone fill me in?"

Aussie Dave, who operates the websire Israellycool, picked up on her questions about the sign and posted an explanation:

"According to Tarek Fatah, ‘Hayder’ refers to Ali, the son-in-law of Mohammad, who for Sunnis is the 4th Caliph, but for Shias was the rightful heir to lead Islam after Mohammad died. He fought in the Battler of Khaybar, and his sword is also known as ‘Hayder.’

Note also the dove holding an olive branch, with the sword concealed. This is also very deliberate – as mentioned above, Mohammad used a “hudna” (truce or ceasefire) to lull the Jews of Khaybar into a false sense of security before slaughtering them.

In other words, this sign is acknowledging that any so-called “peace treaties” are concealing the true aim – to slaughter the Jews or subject them to Dhimmitude.

As we had reported, the Imam of Peace had urged Mayor Tory to prevent the march - mistakenly believing the "hateful parade with terrorist Islamist militant flags" had acquired a civic permit - pointing out "From the river to the sea” is not a call for freedom, it is a call to annihilate an entire Jewish nation, and it must stop, now."

Today Ron East told the Facebook audience of : "these and similar signs are used in all al Quds protests whether they are in London, France or Toronto."

Calling out "STATE SPONSORED JEWISH-ISRAEL HATE perpetuated at our people by the Iranian regime and their proxies," East emphasized that "Al Quds Day protests are funded by the Iranian regime and are managed by that regime from within Iran."

He will have more details to provide later this week.

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