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  • Marty Gold

BerMax Cafe owners arrested for staging antisemitic attack

The scepticism of Winnipeg police investigators appears to have been well-founded, as they determined the violent assault at BerMax Cafe and the defacing of the restaurant and a gay group aligned with it last week was faked.

"The most brazen act of anti-Semitism" in Winnipeg history has turned out to have been a staged robbery and police stated "the anti-semitic graffiti and vandalism were also falsely reported as being done by outside sources."

As reported in the J-Matters Video Alert yesterday from the scene, the degree of damage we observed through the windows to furnishings and desks did not correlate with the earlier reports of the mainstream media of devastating wreakage, including a menorah seemingly left upright and untouched.

As will be revealed tonight by on the RebelTV program of Sheila Gunn Reid, there was a trail of financial disputes involving the BerMax brand in recent years.

" denounces the use of antisemitic hate as a masking for other crimes by members of our own Jewish community, as a despicable betrayal of our people and of our non-Jewish allies" said publisher Ron East. "While this might be a setback, our continuing work to expose true acts of anti-Jewish hate towards out community will continue. We thank the Winnipeg police for doing a quick and thorough investigation and hopefully this will ease the tension and fear our community has felt as a result of this deceptive scheme."