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  • Marty Gold

BDS Motion fails at Maryland campus

Updated: May 3, 2019

The usual tactics- scheduling a vote during a Jewish festival among them - failed the Universoty of Maryland anti-Zionist cabal last week, as a BDS motion fell far short of enough votes to be implemented.

On April 25th the UMD Student Government Association (SGA) overwhelmingly voted down a resolution calling for the school to “divest from companies engaged in human-rights violations in Palestine.”

There were 25 votes against, with only 9 in favor and two abstentions.

This was the second setback for the pro-BDS radicals at the campus, as an attempt in 2017 to enact an anti-Israel policy was scuttled prior to reaching a vote. An official with StandWithUs said: “BDS has no place on campus and has only served to divide students and damage efforts to bring Israelis and Palestinians together.”

To read more about the BDS issue at UMD and other American university campuses, see