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BDS Canada Spreads Fake News About Winnipeg Nakba Day Palentinian - Israeli Detente

An online report about Nakba Day events across Canada claims that pro-Israel Winnipeggers "came into the theatre and had counter action", seemingly implying there was a confrontation inside the building where a pro-Palestinian documentary was screened on May 18th.

Winnipeg: Film Screening of 1948 Creation & Catastrophe, followed by peaceful action. Winnipeg sumud as they zionists came into the theatre and had counter action.

The Canadian BDS Coalition bolstered their insinuation by characterizing the response of Nakba event supporters to the implied incursion as "Winnipeg sumud", literally "Winnipeg steadfast" - but with far deeper meaning culturally. Acccording to Daily Sabah, " Both resistance and Sumud, in Palestinians culture, are to some extent analogous "

But there was no confrontation or raised voices at the film Q & A with "zionists" (presumably 2 members of the Jewish community who attended the screening), based on a video reviewed by

Further, the pro-Israel rally did not arrive anywhere near the theatre until long after the film concluded, and made no attempt to enter Cinematheque.

The "peaceful action" refered to by the BDS radicals would be the sidewalk summit between Rally leader Ron East, publisher of, and Palestinian elder Rafe Abdulla, where there was no mention of BDS in signage, chants, or in dialogue between the two. It is not known what source provided the information to the BDS Coalition, which is "the member rep for Paletinian solitary groups in the Canada Palestine Network."

The only Manitoba member listed, Peace Alliance Winnipeg, has no Nakba Day mention on its website, which has not been updated since January 26th.

This isn't the first time fake news has been spread about the Nakba Day detente.

Facebook banned and then republished a photo and commentary by East in which he thanked Abdulla for his "contribution to a greater mutual understanding and 'fraternity' between our two cultures." Facebook initially accepted fake news complaints from unknown agitators, that a post extolling peaceful dialogue violated Community Standards policies.

East explained to followers this weekend "after mounting pressure from Universal Human Rights supporters and activists, Facebook has admitted it made a mistake removing our post praising Rafe Abdulla and has since reinstated the post."

The 15 Nakba Day protesters in St. Johns, Nfld., made the NTV news.

He continued, "The Pro Israel community thanks Facebook and the many supporters of Rafe Abdulla who ensured that justice was done and that our brother Rafe Abdulla would be recognized for his steadfast leadership fighting for universal human rights for Israelis and Palestinians alike."

A total of 7 cities, including Winnipeg, made the Nakba Day list from the Canadian BDS Coalition. Despite claiming "Across Canada there is a new majority … for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions", their own report and our review of available photographs indicates no more than 900 people nationwide took part in pro-BDS or anti-Israel activities.

"Victoria saw a successful rally of about 100 people".

"Vancouver Nakba 71 seminar and BDS wine picket"; Online photographs indicate approx. 30 people attended.

"Winnipeg:" (Approx 35 people attended the film, only 15 the march afterwards.)

"Toronto about 400 people joined to commemorate Nakba Day ".

"Montreal. May 12, in solidarity with the mothers of Palestine. About 300 people joined."

"Saint Johns New Brunswick saw a gathering which provided leaflets/information, and speeches at the Old City Market."; Online, a group photo was taken of 20 adults and children.

"St. John’s Newfoundland. Remembering # Nakba71. Standing in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Calling for #BDS." ; A photo of the group being interviewed by NTV showed about 15 were present.

"It is my hope", said East, "this new sign in Winnipeg of peaceful leadership from the Pro Palestinian side will lead to support for the GREAT work the JNF (Jewish National Fund) does in providing hope to both peoples by making the entire region bloom." takes a leadership role in promoting the State of Israel and challenging antisemitism and disruptive and deceptive anti-Zionist campaigns.

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