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Antisemitic Fax Attacking Jewish Lawyers Sent To Winnipeg Law Offices

I can report exclusive details to readers of of an antisemitic fax circulated to Winnipeg legal offices attacking prominent Jewish lawyers and public individuals.

As the incident unfolded last Friday, a Jewish community member called on the Shomrim Winnipeg organization for help. He told the founder of the new community patrol, Ron East, that his father-in-law walked into the office that morning and encountered the disturbing document.

A total of 11 current and former lawyers, and 4 other men, all Jewish, were targeted by the fax, entitled $hitler's List 2020.

"Quite a few Jewish lawyers were faxed. My father in law communicated to someone at the law society. He was very upset, called the cops and the law society, but didn't want to talk to us or show us the fax. They (the police) are saying there is not enough to charge the individual".

I was alerted by Ron around 3 PM on Friday and worked my sources, and at 7.52 AM Monday a copy of the fax was obtained for investigation and analysis.

I am choosing to not publish the remainder of the accusatory document, even in redacted form, at this time. By way of disclosure, at least 3 of the lawyers have acted for my family in the past and I have interviewed a couple more on my radio programs previously.

" * Made of members of my Winnipeg Jewish community, mainly lawyers, that 'broke bad' but somehow managed all to get away with it for the most part." is stated under the headline in explanation.

The document resembles a similarly named list that circulated in 2013 focused largely on the involvement of Jewish officials and lawyers on controversial land development matters at City Hall.

There is no evidence yet it is from the same author, and this might be the work of a copy-cat.

The Law Society of Manitoba was alerted Friday of an antisemitic fax attacking Jewish lawyers in Winnipeg

That previous document was investigated as a hate crime. A business family sued for relief and the court imposed stern restrictions on the individual, who admitted to the Winnipeg Jewish News their goal had been to provoke a lawsuit and cross-examine the complainants about the disputed civic affairs.

"A counter-suit should result in a sizable monetary award with criminal charges", predicted the accused, who failed to mount a case and was found by Chief Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench Glenn Joyal to have spread hate speech with no likelihood he could defend the defamation suit against him.

"Regardless of who is behind it, this is an inflammatory document plainly designed to insult and provoke." said East.

"People who want action taken on antisemitism and pro-active investigation and analysis trust the track record of pro-Israel grassroots activists to create awareness and protect our community. Shomrim is being launched across Canada exactly for these kinds of antisemitic events."

The fax is one of a number of recent hate-related incidents that have emerged in the last week I have been made aware of, and in one case I was the victim.

As I have been warning, the establishment institutions of our Jewish communities excel at funbding and delivering certain social programming, but are seen as lacking in incident response and intelligence gathering - while concern among Jews in Canada about their safety mounts. More columns will follow, both about this story and other cases, as I try to navigate the facts around outrageous antisemitic behaviour that would have seemed impossible to believe even 5 years ago in our country.

I have increasingly dedicated my citizen journalism and investigative reporting in the last year to the emerging threats to Jews in Canada.

Your support of, whether by donation or advertising, will help keep me on this all-important beat - our safety.