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Al Quds Day A Threat To All Canadians - You Can Help Us Win continues to establish a presence as a leading voice for the pro-Israel community in Canada. Our reporting on the infiltration of BDS sympathizers into our community has spurred important discussions about the responsibility of Jewish media to clearly identify those advocates - and for our representatives to ward off their access to our community resources.

Our coverage of the detente initiative of the Israeli Association of Manitoba intercepting the anti-Zionist Nakba Day march, and follow-up of the unsuccessfull attempt to have news of peaceful dialogue with a local Palestinian leader censored by Facebook, was unmatched in the media.

Two weeks ago, publisher Ron East was on the front lines in Toronto at the hate-filled Al Quds march, witnessing calls for violence not only against Israel and Jews - but against Canadian values and institutions.

Praise for the Ayatollah Khomeini, hopeful predictions for the imposition of Sharia law, calls for BDS and the destruction of the State of Israel were openly voiced as police stood by and allowed the unlicenced gathering to parade throughout downtown Toronto. The Iranian-financed annual protest was organized to maximize intimidation of not only the Jewish community but of anyone who lives their life by traditional Judeo-Christian values.

This episode of J Matters provides a brief overview about Al Quds Day and why it threatens our future in Canada. recognizes this event as a canary in the coalmine, a test of the ability of Canadian authorities to respond and control the bizarre alliance of destructive Marxist ideology and dogma-spouting zealots steeped in centuries of antisemitism and genocide.

We anticipate Al Quds Day and similar marches like BDS campaigns, cloaked as human rights movements, will spread into other Canadian cities. We will be expanding our Jewish Journalism to educate, inform and advise Jews, Christians, moderate Muslims and all people who value our freedoms and associations to stand strong in the face of unbridled Islamist and far-left totalitarianism.

This is a long campaign and our values must prevail. This effort requires your help. and our pro-Israel advocacy, are self-funded initiatives. Donations from pro-Israel supporters LIKE YOU will help us win.

As we try to address the start-up costs of our first phase - mailings, design and web costs, reporting expenses - your donation will help us ensure that we can move forward and utilize our platform to build bridges with allies who are also the targets of Al Quds hate and rhetoric and win this battle, at the political level and on the streets of our country.

We are seeking 100 generous supporters who can provide $50.00 each towards the closure of our start-up costs; but of course all donations are welcome.

Please go to or email us directly to discuss privately, your commitment to joining our fight.